Tatts Restuarant

Coffee now at the Tatts

Our brand new coffee machine is now up and running at the Tatts Hotel! Drop in today and take a smell of our fresh ground beans then perch up by the fire with a Captivating Cappuccino or Titillating tea, take-away also available for as little as $3.50, The Tatts has your Coffee Cravings Covered!cooo

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Tatts Restarant and Bar

Just got back from a long trip, the idea of cooking is well back in your mind. The family is hungry, you want something healthy and filling, the thought of junk food makes your stomach turn.

All your problems are solved with the Tatts Restaurant and Bar.

Relax in the knowledge that your getting great tasting food at a resonable price with everything made to order you can have dinner your way. Tatts Restaurant and Bar they'll even do the washing up for you;)